Package and be sure to submit the Day Form to Tarion on time. The Day Form is used to report “warranty items” – items that are part of your home and. or call us at TARION When completing remember to a Day Form Once a Day Form is completed 1. To take. Tarion will only accept the first Day Form that is submitted. If you do not submit a Day Form before the submission deadline, you may submit any.

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More than one Major Structural Defect Form may be submitted.

30 Day Tarion Warranty Inspection

You should list on the form any items that are covered under the seven year forj structural defect warranty. The goal of 30 Day Warranty Inspection is to identify any defects that were missed or not included on the pre-delivery with your builder. Tarion will only accept the first Year-End Form that is submitted.

What does the new home warranty cover? Estimates are based on the most cost effective solution to address the problem and will not include betterment.

This consulting service is limited to the physical evidence that was visually accessible at the time of inspection. It is not intended to reflect the value of the premises, nor make any representation as to the advisability of purchase. Top 10 Questions Do I have to register with Tarion?


A Day Form may be submitted to Tarion during the first 30 days of possession. This video provides a helpful overview of MyHome. We therefore will not accept responsibility or liability for any environmental hazards or issues that are discovered after the inspection, whether they are concealed or in plain view.

If, while inspecting the home, a condition is observed which is suspected to be an environmental hazard, we will make every effort to bring this to your attention as a courtesy to you. A Home Inspection does not include identifying defects that are hidden behind walls, floors or ceilings. Tarion and your builder will only accept one day form submission so we make sure your form is properly filled out and that it is complete in your best interest.

What happens to illegal builders who are caught?

Homeowner Information Package

Please click here to sign up or log in to MyHome. Some intermittent problems may not be obvious on a Home Inspection because they only happen under fform circumstances.

Some of these conditions include, but are not limited to: Aurora Markham Newmarket Toronto Oshawa. Confirmation of environmental hazards is beyond the expertise and scope of a professional home inspection. Tarion will provide tariob you builder a copy of the statutory warranty form you submit to us.

Tarion will only accept the first Day Form that is submitted. Perfectly Not at all.

The day statutory warranty forms must be submitted within the first 30 days of you taking possession of the home. Hamilton Thornhill Burlington Mississauga Brampton.

If your inspector identifies any concerns or if you have any concerns yourself about potential environmental hazards, it is your responsibility to engage the services of a qualified environmental specialist to provide a full environmental of the house and property before proceeding with the purchase of the home.


Excluded from the report are all components and conditions which by the nature of their location are concealed, such as behind walls, camouflaged or difficult to inspect. The report, issued by the inspector, is prepared with reasonable skill and care. Is my home covered under Tarion? How do I contact Tarion? When and how do I make a warranty claim to Tarion?

The Day Form |

A Year-End Form may be submitted to Tarion during the last 30 days of the first tarioj of possession. You May Be Interested In: The inspection does not cover code compliance issues set by governments or other regulatory authorities. More than one Second-Year Form may be submitted. How do I research a builder?

We caution you that we will not be able to detect all deficiencies or shortcomings with the house due to the restrictiveness of a visual inspection. Having trouble finding your answer?

Testing of household appliances are not within the standards of practice of a home inspection. If you do not receive confirmation within 10 days of submitting your form, please contact us.