The TDA is a power circuit for use in 90° and ° colour deflection systems for field frequencies of 50 to. Hz. The circuit provides a DC driven vertical. TDA• Vertical Deflection Circuit.• Equivalent to Hitachi CP, NTE• Price is Per One IC• Condition: NEW• Picture shown is for illustration purpose. Tube TDA or Röhre TDA ID, IC – Integrated Circuit, Wires and shown. Radio tubes are valves.

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During the scan there is some loss in the resistance of the deflection coi1. Complain wrong Brand wrong Model non readable.

NTE vs TDA feature comparison | Findchips

This manual is related to the following products: In the first part of a line the linearity corrector stores some energy in a permanent magnet until it is saturated. In series with the horizontal deflection coil there is a damped linearity corrector coi1.

The required S correction for the picture tube can be adjusted with the value of C The TDA will decrease the contrast and eventually the brightness to limit the average beam current. This improves the linearity of the horizontal scan speed. The horizontal driver pulses from the TDA are amplified in the horizontal drive circuit, to get sufficient base-drive current for the high voltage switching transistor Q BeamCurr is damped by a integration filter before it is fed back to TDA pin The TDA is a vertical deflection circuit.


As the beam current increase, the voltage on line BeamCurr decreases. Only a supply voltage for the scan and a second supply for the flyback are needed. The flyback peak voltage is about 8 times the scan voltage. The outputs pins 4 and 7 are connected to td8a356 series connection of the vertical deflection coil and feedback resistor.

The beam current limiting information BeamCurr is derived from the foot of the H. The TDA can drive max. The currents are converted into a voltage by a resistor between pins 1 and 2.

TDA8356 Datasheet PDF

It can be used in 90 deflection systems with frame frequencies from 50 up to Hz With its bridge configuration the deflection output can be DC coupled with few external components. The supply voltage for the TDA is 16V at pin 3. After this time Q is switched off and the energy stored in the FBT during the scan period will be transformed to the flyback capacitor C Pin2 is on a fixed DC level internal bias hda8356 and on pin l the drive voltage can be measured typical 1.


The guard pulse is useful to synchronize OSD. This energy transfer will take place in a cosine shape because the primary of the FBT and C from a resonant circuit. The circuit contains horizontal drive, line output transformer.

V winding of the FBT. The flyback generator has a separate supply voltage of 45V on pin 6. Horizontal deflection The circuit contains horizontal drive, line output transformer.