The true story of a young Greek man who became a Hindu and witnessed many miracles at the hands of Hindu gurus, yet who was called back to his Orthodox. This powerful memoir tells the story of a Greek youth who, out of a desire to know the truth empirically, began to experiment in yoga, hypnotism, and various. 27 Aug I have indeed enjoyed reading this book. It is full of wisdom and first-hand experiences that can help anyone.

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As in the first part, the following are excerpts from the photocopies that were distributed by St. But his experience with God were the strongest and eventually he chose the Orthodox faith, instead of eastern religions. Glory to Mn that we have had such Elders, who throught the strength of their love and prayers have helepd many strangers from across the globe and continue to do so even after their sleep!

This is a hard type of book to write and this one is well done! John Sanidopoulos mentions he will translate 22 of the pages that were omitted by Fr. Again, the gurus threw the burden and error on their disciples. Also important in this book is the contrast between Christianity and popular religious practices today, such as Yoga, Meditation, and a plethora of eastern religions. Does anyone know what the author is doing with his life now?

When I was living in Athens for a few years, there were many English women in the expat community I had contact with that were deeply involved in Eastern religion, philosophies, yoga, etc It was clear that his soul was hardly human at all.


The supernatural powers that Satan gave him fuelled his pride and delighted him. Edited by Archimandrite Irenei, 14 January – He has built a bond with evil forces!

The Gurus the Young Man and Elder Paisios | Scott Nevins Memorial

The Way of the Pilgrim: Or, in some cases, they will sell all that they own but instead of giving the money to the poor as dictated by Christ, they give all that money to the monastery.

No matter how great a man’s teh labors may appear before the eyes joung man, his offerings are infinitesimal in contrast with what God offers. Could things have been different if he had found an authentic hindu master who could have directed him back to Elder Paisios?

Thus the Hindu faith is yours as much as mine. In order for this reasoning to work, the person must have faith in two basic metaphysical and religious deceptions and delusions: It elver part of the Hindu tradition of using bodily postures as a form of worship.

Alexis Trader, hieromonk of Karakallou Monastery.

The Gurus, the Young Man, and Elder Paisios (Dionysios Farasiotis)

Ironically, some abbesses and abbots have obediences to call one of their parents every forty days. In other words, such spiritual practices generally pander to the proud. Your humble daughter, vasiliki. Aug 26, Jackie Petroulias anf it liked it Shelves: This behavioral change is also adopted by those gutus who are either interested in the monastic lifestyle or are preparing to leave the world but this is not the rule.


Sep 19, Elaina rated it really liked it.

The Gurus, the Young Man, and Elder Paisios

Can’t recommend highly enough. The monks and nuns do believe Geronda Ephraim is a sort of superman with formidable spiritual powers: Some of his opinions are unique to him and are not shared by the common tradition of the fathers.

It is the spiritual journey of a Greek to the Orthodox Church. He sacrificed Himself for our sins and reconciled us with God. The pilgrim will have lots of questions about orthodoxy, the spiritual life, Elder Ephraim, etc. Blind obedience to an elder is what converts many monks into workers receiving no pay.

And while we’re at it, did Pwisios ever get it right?

The Gurus, the Young Man and Elder Paisios

The book is a dramatic presentation of one person’s journey to Orthodoxy. He has saved the monastery millions.

Oct 13, Daniel rated it it was amazing. The powers are used for purposes of seducing followers or gaining disciples and for self-aggrandizement. Many years could pass and a monastic will remain clueless about the inner details of the monastery.

A large portion of the literature ylung in the paisiso describes demon-possessed monks. And the way he talks about the his relationships with the gurus he meets and compares them to his relationship with Elder Paisios.