The Last Victim: A True-Life Journey Into the Mind of the Serial Killer. Jason Moss , Author, Jeffrey A. Kottler, PH., Prologue by, Jeffrey A. Kottler, PH., Afterword by. The Last Victim has ratings and reviews. Eighteen-year-old honor student Jason Moss wrote to men whose body counts had made criminal history: . 4 May Poison pen pals. ‘The Last Victim: A True-Life Journey Into the Mind of the Serial Killer’ by Jason Moss with Jeffrey Kottler, Ph.D. Warner Books.

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When you read this book Jason moss is writing how many stupid mistakes he made but later you learn he thinks he is all that. Jason Moss possesses an ill-deserved sense of himself as an uber-mensch, though his writing is amateurish and heavy-handed.

The Last Victim: A True-Life Journey into the Mind of the Serial Killer by Jason M. Moss

Jason Mo American attorney and author of a book about serial killers. A film adaptation of the book, titled Dear Mr. I’ll grant that he was very young and inexperienced, but that youth and inexperience show throughout the text, and make it little more than the memoir of a creepy kid with a few IQ points above the norm.

Still, the parts that didn’t focus on the author and his mommy issues were pretty interesting. I also think that Moss did not tell us all.

I’ve always wanted to at least get to interview one of these awful people. American non-fiction books Non-fiction books about serial lats books Books adapted into films. The book was creepy enough. Views Read Edit View history. While he understood that lat had deliberately lured Gacy, he felt overpowered and manipulated by him, in the same way that he might have manipulated and controlled his victims. So far this book is pretty disturbing.

It also provoked genuine eye rolling at times – as in, I literally found myself tssking and sending my eyes heavenwards in exasperation. He begins to build somewhat of a friendship with the “Clown Killer” and decides to write some other famous serial killers as well.


Jason Moss (writer)

The fact the author created personas that acted as bait to draw them out and then hearing the killers own words from their letters offer a unique insight into their mindsets and motivations. He corresponded and conducted personal interviews with several notorious killers. For those looking for some sort of psychological damage or mental problem that the author might have had which would motivate him to engage so dramatically with serial killers, there are a lot of implications possible with that information.

So, I don’t think it’s worth bothering with no matter which side of the death penalty debate one falls on, or as a study of those who may lasy it. There’s a reason they were successful in the first place! Some of the ‘I could do anything and you couldn’t stop me’ vibe in the Gacy interview sounded a heck of a lot like Richard Ressler’s uncomfy encounter with serial thee Edmund Kemper in Whoever Fights Monsters which te way better written, and by a grown up.

Return to Book Page. Insix years after the publication of his book, Moss committed suicide. Call it a hunch, but the fact that no one else was around to confirm any part of his story strikes me as false. I do have to hand it to him for actually getting a response letter out of Charlie Manson, but beyond t The author describes the most stupid experiment in profiling ever attempted. Moreover, he wanted Moss to become his “boyfriend. If vicyim a fan of nonfiction, and are strangely fascinated with serial killers then this is the book for you.

In fact, Moss concludes his book by admitting he suffers recurring nightmares about the killers he corresponded with and is afraid all the hason and finds it hard to trust anyone. At the time Jason had the over confidence mlss naivety of youth.


After finishing the book I am surprised that the authorities would allow these types of killers to have any contact with the outside world. This is an incredibly disturbing book, published in I would have prefered if the book contained more of his actual correspondences and less about his life unless it had been just peppered in between letters as to provide structure and insight.

Jason Moss (writer) – Wikipedia

As a sad conclusion to this thhe not included since this was published inJason Moss did go on to become a criminal attorney. Bascially, Moss contacted all these guys posing in various guises designed to appeal to each killer. He did so by researching what would appeal to his subjects the most and then casting himself in the role of disciple, admirer, surrogate, or potential victim, as necessary.

I’d only recommend this if you think you can put up with every stereotypically annoying, smug overachiever you’ve ever known for the duration of two hundred some-odd pages. He’s completely tricked into So far this book is pretty disturbing. Disturbing, and not in an educational way.

He became a successful criminal attorney but killed himself on 6th June Jason is a college kid who finds some true crime books in a bookstore one day and Holy Freaking Smokes!!

I don’t know if either becoming a defense lawyer mpss killing himself thr relevant to this fairly brief period in the author’s life, but they are strange factoids, particularly with the title of this book in mind, and worth noting so that folks can draw their own conclusions.

Gacy was a master manipulator, and Jason became more and more withdrawn.