5 Nov The book seems like an accurately written chronological account of the growth of Reliance Industries. The truth behind the success of a common man to build. The Polyester Prince: Rise of Dhirubhai Ambani. Whoa!! What a book!! Jam packed with facts, revelations, corporate drama, political dance, underworld deals. Dhirubhai and Kokilaben Ambani invited us to the wedding of their son Anil to . fine cotton textiles, it seemed that people couldn’t get enough polyester. .. and perhaps to a wider audience watching the explosive growth of capitalism across.

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Banning something ordinary, indeed gives it an aura of undeserved importance many a times. This book also take into account the darker side of Dhirubhai Ambani and that could be the reason behind the possible ban on this book in India. Views Read Edit View history. The book also brings to light the connection however brief, with the Mumbai underground and the attempted assassination attempt on Nusli Wadia of Bombay Dyeing.

This carried on, people started talking to me, the Aden people, the Gujarat employees and the early chapters were building up, the best chapters really. For a common trader, smuggling gold nuggets, electronic items etc itself is an achievement. Their individual reactions to Gas Wars probably told a different story; but then, neither had let the push come to a shove. He kickstarted the stockmarket revolution in India and ensured his shareholders always got the benefit.

The Polyester Prince

It was clear that a corporate entity could arm-twist a publishing house from publishing an incisive and investigative narrative about its alleged misdoings. McDonald could never have guessed that his work would effectively meet the same fate as the book that he had admiringly talked about: Abani anyone have a copy? Feb 18, Prabodh Agarwal rated it it was amazing.


Inthe cash-strapped Indian government had invited private sector participation in the oil and gas sector. In the case of my book The Polyester Princeabout a,bani Reliance patriarch Dhirubhai Ambani, my main surprise was that HarperCollins India, under Renuka Chatterjee, had the chutzpah to even attempt to publish. Hamish is very balanced, intelligent and diligent.

The Unhappy Prince: How Reliance Buried a Book

Taslima is banned from entering West Bengal. Biographies of Indian businessmen hitherto had been unabashed hagiographies that would be steeped in eulogistic verbiage and obsequious idiom. It documents Ambani’s influence on politics and some of the allegations made against him. It then sold the shares to a small-time investment company connected with Reliance Industries. Both of this needed huge funds.

The Polyester Prince: The Rise of Dhirubhai Ambani

Jan 27, Abhijeet rated it really liked it. One can conclude that Ambani was a great choreographer when it came to making politicians dance. The family indeed was, and the effort saw the light of day in the form of a voluminous, slickly-produced opus titled Dhirubhai Ambani: This upset Dhirubhai Ambani and he reportedly vowed that henceforth the world would look up to Reliance. Hamish takes us deep in the secretive, hidden, dirty, sticky areas of that field where the politics, business, media take sadistic pleasure.

And then, the much-awaited book simply disappeared from the Indian landscape.

This was done by money, influence and political muscle power. This article about a biographical thee autobiographical book on businesspeople is a stub. View all 9 comments. There have been innumerable instances when publishers, soft targets themselves, have caved in to threats or pressures, leaving their writers to fight lonely battles. Polyesster, many could argue that the book was more of an indictment of the moth-eaten Indian fiscal system than of Ambani himself. The Reliance story had McDonald in its grip then on.


An Rpince could have never written this. May 03, Santanu rated it really liked it Shelves: As a raw material, this was crucial for manufacturing polyester lament yarn. Oct 21, Rahul rated it it was amazing. The oil exploration ventures of Reliance Industries were mired in controversy from the start.

The Rise of Dhirubhai Ambani. A well researched and well represented account of the manipulative political and economic influence that Dhirubhai and Reliance yielded in India in 70s and 80s and in fact till now.

Wadia was in a talkative mood, and the princw spoke for over five hours. I recommend this book to understand how deep routed the link between business houses and law makers in India.

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Dhitubhai ambitions were racing even further. The book, published in Januarywas a captivating collection of first-hand impressions and accounts seamed together from his stay in Jakarta between andwhen he freelanced for the Sydney Morning HeraldWashington Post and Financial Times.

The fait accompli of its 25, tonne polyester lament yarn plant was retrospectively endorsed by raising the permitted capacity from the original 12, tonnes. Matters went out of hand, and the Ambanis backtracked. The author goes on to say that this Price of Polyester controlled the economy dhigubhai Govt of the nation which was in turn controlled by Ambani.