“I wanted to learn Tamil, only to enable me to study Valluvar’s Thirukkural through his mother tongue itself. There is no one who has given such treasure of. I am on to Thirukkural for the past 7 year. Your translation is very simple and very close to the meaning of Thirukkural in Tamil. I could see that you try to catch the. The Tirukkural or shortly the Kural, is a classic Tamil text consisting of 1, couplets or Kurals, Thus, Tirukkural literally comes to mean “sacred couplets.” For example, the term Thirukkural is a cir formed by combining the two words thiru.

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Realy very simple traslation. Avoiding anger Chapter Retrieved 3 September The Kural does not appear to have been set in music by Valluvar.

The overall organisation of the Kural text is based on seven ideals prescribed for a commoner besides observations of love. Good to hear from you that I am on the right track. Handbook of Oriental Studies. Unfazed in the face of trouble Chapter Thrukural wonderful guide for the young mexning. Thus, any commentary written in a language other than Tamil is considered a prose translation of the Tamil original in that particular language.


Both Valluvar and Confucius focused on the behaviors and moral conducts of a common person. Retrieved 7 March In his work The Meanibg of MuruganCzech Scholar Kamil Zvelebil cites a tradition suggesting he was an outcaste by birth, the issue of a union between a Brahmin man and a Pariah woman.

Ramachandra DikshitarG. Balachander ‘s Kavithalayaa Productions opened its films with the very first couplet of the Kural sung in the background.

When he was in charge of the Madras treasury and mint, he also issued a gold coin bearing Thiruvalluvar’s image. Ane’s Student Edition 17th ed.

Retrieved 13 August Over the centuries that followed, people started tmil the work “Tirukkural” and its author as “Thiruvalluvar”. Having restraint Chapter The fear of seeking alms Chapter Unlike religious scriptures, the Kural refrains from talking of hopes and promises of the other-worldly life.

Knowing the right Place Chapter Print, folklore, and nationalism in colonial South India. Avoid thoughts of swindling.


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Pearls of Inspiration 1st ed. The Tamil inscription on his grave makes note of his commentary of Thirukkural.

Undesirable friendship Chapter Rajendiran September 15, at 7: Shunning the company of petty folks. It is believed that Valluvar composed every chapter in response to a request to produce tanil best couplets on a particular subject. Velusamy and Moses Michael Faraday Eds. Notify me of new comments via email. Rani October 11, at 6: Bakthavathsalam November 29, at 4: Kannan March 3, at Views Read Edit View history.

It soon became a popular and the standard portrait of the poet.