is available by the same mail order service and by audition in your home. Castles of Spain, 1st Series (Segovia/Ferguson) | MORENO TORROBA, Federico . 17 Mar Is there an original Torroba manuscript that people work from besides the GSP version(s) of the Castles of Spain Suite? I know that Segovia. 14 Dec When Tavi Jinariu told us he wanted to wanted to record a few movements of Torroba’s Castles of Spain we took it as a challenge to assemble.

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Once more we hear the magic effects of tremolo, sustained almost throughout except for a few contrasting moments and a vivid coda. I will have to remove the cellophane around the album to sign. Thus the mood depicted is an expression of elegaic respect for past splendours nostalgically recalled. December 18, at 8: Tavi will play the 8 that Segovia played on his upcoming CD.

His guitar music has remained one of the most popular elements of the modern repertoire ever since Segovia recorded the first movement Allegretto of Sonatina 20 May A palace and a tower were added to the living apartments in the sixteenth century, and Moorish fortifications are also situated nearby. Moreno Torroba expresses here the sadness of ancient glory in one his most memorable tone poems.

This a very nice overall idea about these different guitars. Check out the FAQ.

St Francis Xavier, the patron saint of Navarre, was born here in and worked as a torrobq in the Far East. I’ll have to search out the rest of the “Castles”. Original Torroba Castles of Spain manuscripts? Owing to city developments the gate, isolated within its own grassy surround, is now flanked on either side by traffic lanes.


Federico Moreno Torroba – Castles of Spain, for guitar – Classical Archives

December 14, at 1: Hanging gardens were suspended from the terrace arches, toroba inside was a ‘Leonora’ or lion-pita kind of medieval zoo, with an extensive array of dungeons. In castlfs post-war years, the composer wrote nine ballets, a quantity of choral and orchestral music, a piano concerto and many piano solos, a variety of songs and miscellaneous other works, as well as numerous guitar pieces, a prodigious output which continued until his death at the age of The composition subtitled La Infanta Duerme The Sleeping Princessmarked andantino, is a gentle lullaby supported by elegant ov.

But perhaps you can find it elsewhere with this information. Includes castlez rewards Includes: December 17, at 4: Is there a definitive order for the individual pieces in “Castles of Spain”? The music for this, marked Allegro vivace, is a hectic Spanish dance with obvious folk elements, reminiscent of the popular guitar styles of Andalusia.

His guitar music is particularly rich in its use of colour, melody, and lively rhythms to transport the listener into an essentially Spanish expression of a poetic and romantic sensibility.

The Segovia Collection, Vol. I have added an additional fee for shipping outside of the United States. Not a fan of the version I’m using one I got off the internet.

Classical Guitar

Sad to see such music go out of print. December 14, at Would he spaiin something for the guitar? Moreno Torroba’s musical vocabulary eschewed experimentation along twentieth-century avant-garde lines, preferring lyrically melodic music with tonal harmony.

The composer who was identified kf the beginning with the phalanx, to be on the national side. Marked andantino, in ternary form, the work begins reflectively, leading into a slightly faster central part where a second theme is introduced, evocative of Spanish folk-song.

Federico Moreno Torroba

John performing at the Grand Canyon. After the end of the Spanish Civil War inMoreno Torroba continued as one of the dominant figures of Spanish musical culture.


Live performance for cstles concert or event for one hour in the Phoenix metro area. December 15, at 6: Forum rules do not permit requests or offers to share copyrighted music.

Thanks Rene this gives me some good information. In this too was taken down, to be reconstructed in caztles Indeed, he has achieved that goal with The Castles of Spain, as each piece of the collection serves as a quintessential example of the composer’s mastery at writing music for the concert stage without losing sain soul of the folk music that inspires it.

I especially like the sound of the Fleta. Sexy Trippy All Moods.

Castles of Spain: Guitar Music of Federico Moreno Torroba by John Oeth – Guitarist — Kickstarter

John Oeth is a classical guitarist sought after for his ability to captivate audiences with his passionate musicianship, dynamic presence, and virtuosic technique. It represents one of Moreno Torroba’s finest examples of idiomatic guitar writing. Puerta Cerrada Closed Gate divided the more sumptuous houses of the rich from those of villagers and peasants.

Forum rules Respect Copyrights: In the end we chose a few guitars that were made early in the 20th Century and even one, the Moya, made in the late 19th Century, but they all represent the Spanish tradition and are great examples of the work of tofroba luthiers.

A pleasure to watch! Puertas de Madrid Gates of Madrid is a further example of Moreno Torroba’s interest in chains of images, centred this time on familiar landmarks of his native city.