8 Jul We have used 2 switches. If we press switch one, the first signal blinks green light and the second signal blinks the red light. The green light. About the colors of Traffic Light Control The Interfacing Traffic Light Control with program is very simple and C Program to Traffic Light using Serial communication achieved using The Traffic light controller section consists of 12 Nos. point LEDS are arranged by 4Lanes in Traffic light interface.

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The density of these vehicles is measured in three zones i. You need cotroller programmer board and a programmer software for that. Prototype of Traffic Light Control System by edgefxkits. At less voltage which is produced can be hardly detected and therefore operational amplifiers are used to detect low voltages accurately.

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Four way Traffic light system using Microcontroller and 7 Segment – Gadgetronicx

Using that traffic information we can manage the signal time and handle the traffic on road. Here in this design i have programmed in such a way a red light will be on for 50 seconds microcontroller 10 seconds for Yellow light.

Video games, blogging and programming are the things he loves most. If Automatic mode select then go to step 4th else go to step 8.

Intelligent Traffic Light Control System Using 8051 Microcontroller

For example, when emergency vehicle come like ambulance, police etc is come which have already set sensor that time sensor detects this emergency vehicle and sender, receiver sensor send signals to each other. Hi Harathi, Please visit our website once: Hi Ravikumar, Regret, The circuit diagram, code, component list, documentation and other information could be shared with you when you purchase the project.

The LEDs get automatically switched on and off by making the corresponding port pins of the microcontroller high, based on the microcontroller and its programming done by using KEIL software.


Please check the user friendly website http: Hi There is a chance maybe.

Traffic Light Control System using Microcontroller

So that,we can suggest you to please follow these links as per your requirement, Model no Alamin, You can download them from the option given at the bottom of this article. Where can I put the pins of usb female connector in the diagram? The above scheme is just an example and are subjected to change in real time roads, as different four way traffic flow schemes are followed widely around the world.

Cate, You need a programmer board and a programmer software contrlller that. You can use a Adapter for it or search for 5v regulator circuits.

This process continues as a cycle and the timing for changing the LEDs can be displayed with the use of a seven-segment LED display in this project. This circuit diagram makes use of a crystal oscillator for generating frequency clock pulses.

I like the project and I wish it can be implemented. Further if you have any queries you can call us on the toll free no. I have chose this one for easier explanation of the traffic flow.

Four way traffic light system using Microcontroller proteus design, code and hex file Languages: On each road we place IR sensors which detect the vehicle and give current traffic information on each road.

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The 7-segment should be connected to the port in the following order P2. And once again, please visit our domestic website http: The code was given below. This proposed system makes use of an microcontroller which is properly interfaced with the IR sensors to change the junction timing automatically to accommodate the movement of vehicles for avoiding unnecessary waste of time at each junction. This is the four way traffic light system using embedded systems which was bit complex in nature as we need to consider the traffic flow in four different directions providing appropriate timings to each of the lights.


The sensors used in this project IR and photo diodes are in line of sight configuration across the loads to detect the density at the traffic signal. Please check the website for complete details in the kit content section: It consists of a combined arrangement of photo diode and IR LED at every junction for detecting the presence of vehicles based on the change in resistance. Furthermore, for any help regarding this topic, you can contact us by commenting in the comment section given below.

The heart of the system is microcontroller AT89s As you can see in the above pin configuration there is two common ground pins, we can use any one of it. Notify of all new follow-up comments Notify of new replies to all my comments. Hi Rahul, Regret, The circuit diagram, source code and other information could be shared with you when you purchase the project.

A prototype of traffic light control system is made by using Infra-Red sensors along with major components Microcontroller and LEDs which are used for controlling traffic signals based on the density of the traffic. You can try Thank you so much for your feedback And once again please visit our domestic website http: Changing the lighting schemes or increasing the phases can be done by replacing the signal bits in the program. The main objective of this traffic light controller is to provide sophisticated control and coordination to confirm that traffic moves as smoothly and safely as possible.

When IR receiver is used to infrared light, a voltage difference is produced. Typically traffic lights consist of three types of colored lights such as red, orange and green.