28 Feb THis document will tel you how to unprotect an excel spread sheet without In case of a password protect worksheet you are unable to Edit the. 16 Feb I’m regularly annoyed at password-protected Microsoft Word files that only permit editing of certain aspects of the document such as form fields. Adding protection to a Word document serves as a safeguard, preventing unauthorized access or changes to the document. You might require a password to.

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To give specific unorotect permission to edit ranges in a protected worksheet, your computer must be running Microsoft Windows XP or later, and your computer must be in a domain. But this protection becomes an inconvenience when it’s no longer needed; it becomes a barrier if you’ve forgotten the password or if the colleague who created the document left the company without leaving the password.

Use Windows Live ID to restrict permissions. Any ideas why this is happening? Delete the password and click OK. In Office, you can use a password to help prevent other people from opening or modifying your documents, workbooks, and presentations.

June 27, at 7: So, does this mean that Excel worksheet protection is absolutely pointless? Unportect if there is a password, it’s easily circumvented. Moving the pointer to cells for which the Locked check box is cleared on the Protection tab of the Format Cells dialog box. To modify an existing editable range, select it in the Ranges unlocked by a password when sheet is protected box, and then click Modify.


Why did my file open read-only?

Add or remove protection in your document, workbook, or presentation

In addition to password-protection, you can secure your Excel files further by using the BitLocker Drive Encryptionwhich is available in the Ultimate and Enterprise editions of Windows Vista and Windows. Choose it, then click “Insert” to insert the protected file’s contents into the new Word document. Attempt to open the protected file and a window pops up requesting the password to open the document.

Share your Excel workbook with others Article Annotate a worksheet by using comments Article Collaborate on Excel workbooks at the same time with co-authoring Article See files others have shared with you Article Lock or unlock specific areas of a protected worksheet Article Protect an Excel file Article Save or convert to PDF Article.

Hi, Many thanks it works very easily and really use full Again Thanks. May 24, at December 2, at Clear this check box. No problems with this. I am trying to unprotect a workbook but it is not letting me with the above methods.

On the worksheet, select just the cells that you want to lock. I clicked cancel, received a system error, clicked ok. When you mark a document as final, Word asks you to save the file. I am trying to crack password but process is not completed.

How to protect worksheets and unprotect Excel sheet without password

Plug-ins for Microsoft Outlook – Leave a Reply Cancel reply. It makes sense to lock Excel sheets to avoid accidental changes in the sheet contents. Hi, I wanted to in-protect workbook, I tried all the options but not worked, file saved in Excel Was this information helpful? I opened password Protected Excel file in just 5 min using your techniques.


Microsoft Excel has a couple of additional items that you can lock down. How are Password Policy rules enforced? The chart continues to reflect changes made to its source data.

This thread is locked. Adding protection to a Word document serves as a safeguard, preventing unauthorized access or changes to the document. May 5, at 6: Open the file with the Text Recovery converter. Depending on which text editor you’re pasting into, you might have to add the italics to the site name.

How to unprotect Excel sheet with password If you know the password for the protected sheet, removing protection is a matter of seconds. If you strive to ensure the maximum security protection for your Excel files, be sure to do all of the following: If you don’t mind other users opening your Excel file but you want to prevent them from making any changes to your workbook, perform the following steps.

Actually Very Nice information. Nice article, just wanted to tell the Author great job on helping me crack this stupid workbook.

How to Unprotect a Word Doc

Click the “File” tab, then select “Info. To assign a password to the document so that only reviewers who know the password can remove the protection, type a password in the Enter new password optional box, and then confirm the password.

To add a new editable range, click New.