Why You Need Uranometria * (*even if you don’t know that you do!)— Uranometria is a star atlas with more than stars plotted down to. 22 Mar Uranometria Deep Sky Atlas All Sky Edition ($) is now the staff of Sky Publishing in and specializes in astrophotography. I I 2, 4, TheCambridgeEncyclopedia_of Meteorites Uranometria Deep SkyAtlas (2nd Edition) byWiITirion~ Barry Rappaport &WiI Remakius.

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Uranometria 2000.0 All-Sky Edition

What makes this atlas most notable is the scale of the charts. This data is provided for each map and by object type, and is fully indexed more than 30, entries. Good review I have the U Stars are continuously tapered to create a more realistic perspective Details. I still use my RealSky set along with my Uranometria. I suppose I could get MegaStar and run it on my Mac which has Windows XP installedbut have generally avoided taking a laptop into the field preference.

Share this post Udanometria to post Share on other sites. I use ST3 for telescope control, organizing and planning.

Comparison of a Several Star Atlases

Posted November 18, edited. An iPad version of U would be ideal. Tube Rings Lighthound – Yesterday, JoeR – Yesterday, Triatlas even has flip and mirror telescope view orientation and a very flexible night vision red mode.

Posted 09 May – All by itself this atlas has created a little revolution in the world of amateur astronomy. Thank you for making me aware of these uranoetria. During the s we began the process that has culminated in a greatly expanded second edition.


I have been using SkySafari for years now, but ironically with NV I uranomstria myself going old school on the atlas due to the better depiction of large-scale bright and dark nebula. Posted 02 May – All intermediate and serious amateur astronomers will want to own this definitive star atlas.

Uranometria is for finding out what I missed Uranometria will be enormously popular with astronomy enthusiasts. Take galaxies for example. Posted 30 April – When AD was still a future date.

Already have an account? It occurred to me uranometrai since I already use an iPad in the field, it would be great if I could get Uranometria in.

I uranpmetria tell you that it did for me. CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Continued use of SGL indicates your acceptance of our cookie policy. The first thing I noticed was the ease with which I could starhop. GeneralT – Today, Copyright violation paranoia stops me from uploading photos, but this book, for less than the price of some planetarium software DVDs, is a great bargain to me.

Telescopes were getting bigger, amateurs were imaging the sky with super-sensitive CCD cameras, and a new deep-sky atlas was needed.

A galaxy might be quite large but you could have difficulty in locating it if its surface brightness is really dim. Mystery power supply OK?


I observed and logged more than fifty new galaxies not including the usual Messiers that night. First mount choices, pick a winner. But I don’t want to take an extra 20 pounds of wood pulp out observing. The data upon which to build this atlas had to be better than anything on the shelf. Even though Cragin started with the very best professional data available literally tens of thousands of corrections, large and uraometria, were made.

For its era, Uranometria set an unprecedented and highly-advanced scientific, graphic and artistic standard for star charts. The below two-page spread shows the data that matches Map 94 shown above. So, if you are trying to trace out a dark nebula the eye tends to add any space that happens to be empty to the pattern.

Uranometria in Electronic Format? – Equipment – Cloudy Nights

I bought mine several years ago and its in two volumes. Looks like I’ll be paying them a visit soon. To the ancient Greeks, Urania was the Muse of the Heavens, and uranos was the word for the sky.