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The hidden objects are in two rooms. Ellen agrees to help you collect samples from the vampires if you vampirevillee a game of Magic solitaire.

I don’t think you’ll be disappointed. I think my favorites were constructing a ladder in an innovative manner and playing golf which seemed to take forever to get the golf balls in the holes.

Darkwater Bay Walkthrough Dark Tales: It will go to the front counter, where you can take it. The Big Fish Guarantee: Blood Type Chapter Fifteen: You meet the mistress of the castle, another ghost. Even though he did not blink, had no facial expression or movement of any kind really, I just adored him!

She warns you to remember that you will need a kind heart. Use the door on the upper left to walk to the gargoyle room. Now the candles must be properly arranged. This little game was absolutely anything but scary and the vampires were a hoot!


Click on the left arrow and return to the storeroom entrance. Rover warns you to check out the storeroom. You can replay any completed chapter at anytime. When you first begin it will seem like the same ole same ole, but go on. The scenes had to have been done with the young ‘uns in mind.


You will find 13 in the room with the gargoyles. Adjacent pieces will lock together. They will automatically go to the table. Locate the tools needed to remove the planks and place them in the bubbles.

Vampireville Walkthrough

Click on the right doorway gampireville return to the first gallery. Rated 5 out of 5 by elpasoj from A truly funny, amusing game!! It’s appropriate for PG 13 and above. For those bemoaning the lack of games for the ‘early reader’ age group, I think this game fits the bill perfectly. Groundsman Brandon Chapter Seven: The game had such quirky characters, not one unlovable vampire in the whole bunch.

Vampireville Walkthrough, Guide, & Tips | Big Fish

With the lights vamipreville to normal, take the green encyclopedia from the upper right shelf. Use the KEY to unlock the lower right cabinet and take 2 boxes. Click on the down arrow to move to the next room. Click on the down arrow to return to the parlor. Place the spiders on the boiler and the barrel.

Complete the family tree. Business Vampireviple Glenfield the butler greets you upon your arrival at Malgray Castle. One is at the bottom of the door and the other is at the very top of the door.


Rated 5 out of 5 by mouser from Brilliant game! Pull the curtain cord. Secure Form Sign in or create an account.

Vampireville > Free Download Game for PC >

Open the cabinet doors. Click on the door on the right to move to the 3rd Hall. Latest Walkthroughs Halloween Stories: Click on the arrow on the left, center to turn. The strange thing is that he isn’t the first to be sent. Find the three smaller statues and place them in the vaampireville.

Rated 5 out of 5 by agedog1 from What a fun game This is just and outstandingly fun game. Faith in the Future Walkthrough Phantasmat: You need to put the numbers back into the lock. Thanks for sharing your thoughts about this game!

Restore the icons to the correct positions. Click on two pieces to swap locations. It was funny,not a bit scary And even after all this time it still makes me laugh out loud.