Immanuel Velikovsky was a Russian independent scholar who wrote a number of . Earth in Upheaval () dealt with geological evidence for global natural. In this epochal book, Immanuel Velikovsky, one of the great scientists of modern times, puts the complete histories of our Earth and of humanity on a new basis. 5 Feb Immanuel Velikovsky’s third book on catastrophism in geology.

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Catastrophic Encounters with CometsB. Velikovsky lived in what was then the British Mandate of Palestine from topractising medicine in the fields of general practicepsychiatry and psychoanalysis which he had studied under Sigmund Freud ‘s pupil Wilhelm Stekel in Vienna.

Immanuel Velikovsky

University of Chicago Press. WilliamSwift veoikovsky it it was amazing Jan 24, Einstein in the last months of his life read the manuscript and supplied marginal notes.

The fundamental criticism against this book from the astronomy community was that its celestial mechanics were physically impossible, requiring planetary orbits that do not conform with the laws of conservation of energy and conservation of angular momentum. Immanuel Velikovskyissued in and greeted with rather dubious reviews; [17] [18] [19] and a Hebrew translation of another Ages in Chaos volume, The Dark Age of Greecewhich was published in Israel.

He arrived at a body of radical inter-disciplinary ideas, which might be summarised as: His books use comparative mythology and ancient literary sources including the Bible to argue that Earth has suffered catastrophic close-contacts with other planets principally Venus and Mars veliovsky ancient times. He was stunned by Sachs whose address was both a rhetorical and substantive tour de force.

Each week, our editors select the one author and one book they believe to be most worthy of your attention and highlight them in our Pro Connect email alert. Some of Velikovsky’s specific postulated catastrophes included: A Journal of Interdisciplinary Synthesis was founded in explicitly “to deal with Velikovsky’s work”.

In other words, we can get down to his main thesis, which is that the Earth experienced dramatic events from heavenly bodies particularly in the second millennium BC. He also reviews the development of the nothing-happens-quickly school of geology and applies his professional psychoanalyst skills to the reason it took hold.


Cultures in Collision on eart Fringes of Science. Deborah rated it really liked it Feb 27, Ellen Martens rated it really liked it Feb 07, To ask other readers questions about Earth In Upheavalplease sign up. The scientific press, in general, denied Velikovsky velikovskh forum to rebut his critics.

EARTH IN UPHEAVAL by Immanuel Velikovsky | Kirkus Reviews

However, within his lifetime, whilst he continued to research, expand and lecture upon the details of his ideas, he released only selected portions of his work to the public in book form: As always, Velikovsky challenges contemporary thinking on human history that is more speculative the further we delve back into the realms of time. Earth in Upheaval – a very exactly investigated and easily understandable book – contains material that completely revolutionizes our view of the history of the earth.

Science is not my strong field of knowledge, but I am aware of many recent discoveries that may not have been known by Dr. The first of these is his proclivity to treat all myths as having independent value; the second is the tendency to treat only such material as is consistent with his thesis; and the third is his very unsystematic rarth.

He privately published two small Scripta Academica pamphlets summarising his theories in Ib for the Reconstruction of Ancient History and Cosmos Without Gravitation. Views Read Edit View history. veikovsky

Earth In Upheaval by Immanuel Velikovsky

Some Velikovskyist publications and authors such as David Talbott remain active into the vrlikovsky. Another theorist of the same ilk as Erich von Daniken. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Retelling the Near East’s Ancient History. Or just the field of DNA science which was unknown at that time. During this time, he had about a dozen papers published in medical and psychoanalytic journals.

Been wanting to read this for a long time, just haven’t set aside the time to focus. He cites incredibly large graveyards where no enemy other than global flood could cause such havoc; sand deposits, monster boulders and resurrections of mountains which no known geological forces could have created; remains of an Andean city well developed culturally and of very recent date which was founded so high up that corn will not ripen there.


Return to Book Page. Leroy Ellenbergerin his A Lesson from Velikovsky. A scientist and researcher into the ancient text, civilizations, etc. uphraval

It’s a classic that I want to understand from Velikovsky’s work that will help me in writing my own book. Astronomer Harlow Shapleyalong with others such as Cecilia Payne-Gaposchkinwere highly critical of Macmillan’s decision to publish the work. Please provide an email address.

He was also published in Freud’s Imagoincluding a precocious analysis of Freud’s own dreams. Earth In Upheaval 4. Final thoughts Revelations 6: Since conventional Egyptology dated the Ipuwer Papyrus much earlier than either the Biblical date felikovsky the Exodus ca.

Earth in upheaval puts forth the argument of a earth formed over time by a series of natural catastrophes as appose to the doctrine of Uniformity which was a theory that is associated with the views of Charles Darwin in the 19th century.

He argued that these eliminate phantom “Dark Ages”, and vindicate the biblical accounts of history and those recorded by Herodotus. However, his book was much more entertaining, though equally wonky.

Earth In Upheaval

The History of a Public Controversy. Retrieved from ” https: Sign ezrth here to receive your FREE alerts. Mar 16, Ruth added it. During the remainder of the s, Velikovsky devoted a great deal of his time and energy to rebutting his critics in academia, and he continued to tour North America and Europe to deliver lectures on his ideas. While James credits Velikovsky with “point[ing] the way to a solution by challenging Egyptian chronology”, he severely criticised the contents of Velikovsky’s chronology as “disastrously extreme”, producing “a rash of new problems far more severe than those it hoped to solve” and claiming that “Velikovsky understood little of archaeology and nothing of stratigraphy.

Shuuya rated it liked it Oct 08, University of Illinois Press. Earlier, he played a role in the founding of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in Israel, and was a respected psychiatrist and psychoanalyst.