Even Tamil People knows about Velunachiyaar but the fact that her tussle against Rani Velu Nachiyar (3 January – 25 December ), also known as “Veera Mangai” Velu Nachiyar, the First Valor Queen Ever in the Indian History to. Veera Mangai Velunachiyar was one of the queens in the 18th century in South India. She rebelled against the British Empire and fought for the freedom of India . Rani Veeramangai Velu Nachiyar was the queen of the Tamil kingdom of loyalist – he is also among the most powerful administer in the history of the Tamils.

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Her troops advanced to Sivaganga with the help provided by Maruthu brothers. Maulana Abul Kalam Azad. The director of the ballet Sriram Sharma researched on the epic life vwlu this brave queen for about a decade.

This page was last edited on 24 Octoberat Retrieved 24 November Also she had send Golden Tiger to Tipu Sultan as a gift to show her Gratitude and considered him as her brother. Inshe came face-to-face with the British, and with this became the first queen in India to fight for freedom against the British. Velu Nachiyar Tamilar history – 31 BioScope. According to sources, the queen was suffering from heart ailments in the last few years of her life and also underwent treatment in France.

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Statue of Rani Velu Nachiyar at the historic palace and her residence, Sivagangai. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Along with her baby and few surviving courtiers, she escaped to the village of Virupakshi in Dindigul but not before vowing that one day she would come back gistory avenge the death of her husband and reclaim the reigns of her kingdom. Also feeling very blessed to share this info of her here.


Postal department, Government of India. Velu Nachiyar, the daughter of Sellamuthu Vijaya.

He was in charge of the Administration of Sivagangi state from to though his father was ruling as the king He was the only ruler ,who ruled Sivangangi state for the Longest Period of time to He was killed in the battle with Col. In the yearthe English invaded her kingdom.

She is regarded as the tamli queen who fought against the British colonial power in India.


Her last rites were done by her son-in-law. Meanwhile Velunachiar wrote a letter to Sultan Hyder Ali seeking his help. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

Inshe went for Medical treatment to France. British troops attacked the palace under the command of Lt.

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Using this as their leverage point, Kuyili and few hidtory were not only able to get inside the fort under disguise, with weapons hidden inside flower and fruit baskets, they were able to catch the British unawares, who were swarming the fort and launch an attack upon them. She granted powers to the Marudu brothers to administer the country in Sultan Hyder Ali also equipped her with necessary weapons so that she could put up a tough fight against the British. Veeramangai Velu nachiyar–Fancy Dress competition published: She was also well-trained in archery, horse riding, Silambam fighting with stick and in martial arts such historj Valari.


Nachiyar also maintained good relation with Tipu Sultan, the son of Hyder Ali, whom she considered as a brother. The grief stricken Queen, was in full rage to attack the Britishers and the Nawab who took her ncahiyar. Velunachiyar was their only female child.

Velu Nachiyar

Get the top news stories delivered directly to your inbox! On 31 Decembera commemorative postage stamp in her name was released. Seeking his help, she met the latter in Dindugal.

Follow us facebook twitter instagram youtube. SinceMuthuvadugananthur Udaiyathevar was in charge of the administration of Sivagangai, the first independent state from Ramnad, while his father ruled as the King.

Velu Nachiyar died a few years later,on 25 December Following which, a valiant Kuyili walked into the armoury chambers with her head held high and set herself on fire. Muthuvadugantha Udaiyathevar was the son of Sasivarna Periya Udaya Sivangangi was the first independent state from Ramnad. The Nawab of Arcot conquered Ramanathapuram and his next target was Sivaganga. She came to know about the ammunition store of the British. He rendered his service with loyalty from the beginning of this samsthanam.