I make character sheets for any game I run for for a while. I was pretty happy with the included Dark Heresy 2e character sheet, but wanted a. Warhammer 40K – Dark Heresy. Back. (Slightly More) Printer Friendly Character Sheets. Page 1. Page 2. Chaos Rewards. Back. This web site is completely. Only downside: The character sheets. If you want Dark heresy (or any 40k roleplay) resource of any kind you should really check out.

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I have not tried it so I don’t know how well it works. You can use this tab to record snippets of suspicious conversation, mission briefs from your Inquisitor, random musings, secret accusations of heresy, or whatever else might prove useful to your investigations. The next tab heesy the Digital Character Sheet is Gear. More personal details about your character are stored in the Character tab.

It supports all the material from chraacter following books. The first tab in the Digital Character Sheet is Abilities, which handles what your character can do during a game.

Library – Dark Heresy | 40k RPG Tools

Both are smaller and charcter. Dark Heresy Search In. And your expansion on the psychic power secion is also very useful. Disciples of the Dark Gods.


Dark Heresy 2e Print Friendly Character Sheet : 40krpg

Posted April 3, I have received a few questions about an easy way to make fields in Acrobat. Dark Heresy Official Errata 3.

Already have an account? In Dark Heresy players take on the roles of Acolytes of the Inquisition, aiming to uncover and combat the cahracter of mankind, be they aliens, heretics or mutants!


Download Character Sheet Version 6. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Titus, how did you do all the formular fields? Sheeet have the problem, that after ive done the first two or three hundred fields mostly manually that sometimes Acrobat changes the text color to withe on some areas where created formular fields!

In long campains I simply run out of room. Posts to torrents and other unsanctioned download sources will not be tolerated.

Talent and Skill lookup table Using all the rank information in the character sheet I have created a pivot table in Excel which shows the first rank at which a talent or skill becomes available. I will post when it’s uploaded. It supposedly gives you the option to save the PDF to your computer before opening the file.


Can you use check boxes like the ones under the stats in calculations? Posted April 14, Awesome sheet thank you for all your hard work! I was hoping for a sheet that allowed room for psychic powers and weight limits! I have version 7 at home. No prizes for guessing what you find here! Finally, for players with existing characters, you have the option to manually input your stats into the app, quickly bringing your character to life in the Digital Character Sheet.

Search anything and hit enter.

This tab covers the broad strokes of everything you need: Create an account or sign in to comment You need to be a member in order to leave a comment Create an account Sign up for a new account in our community. Thanks for your hard work! Thank a heredy named Mat for e-mailing an editable version of my 2-page sheet to me.

Of course, there are plenty of differences that set the Digital Character Sheet apart. The Church of the Damned. If I remember correctly, Acrobat Reader can’t create or save.